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The California Boys' Choir was incorporated as a public, non-profit corporation in January, 1969, and was granted Federal exemption. The organization was governed by a Board of Directors working in harmony with the Music Director. The Parent's Association supported the Choir through the work of its committees: publicity, fund-raising, and hospitality.

The "Friends of the California Boys' Choir" consisted of former Choirboys and their families, and persons not directly connected with the Choir, who desired to support the Choir.

California Boys' Choir made its home at the California Museum of Science and Industry, 700 State Drive, Suite #204, Los Angeles, California, 90037.

LeRoy struts his stuff!

Sean Cohen, Andrew Cheeseman and Eli Villanueva leap for the joy of performing.

Darryl Archibald and Patrick Thomas in a reflective mood.

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