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Scenes on tour with the Choirboys

In the Spring of 1979 the California Boy's Choir embarked on a major concert tour under the auspices of Columbia Artists Festivals, Inc., through its Community Concert series. Subsequent tours took the Choir throughout the United States and into Canada and Mexico.

Preparing to start our very first tour (1979), the choirboys line up "tall to small" in two rows.

Left to right: Stuart McRae, Lenny Kravitz, LeRoy Villanueva, Chuck Ross and Damien Elwood

CBC performs in Mahler Symphony No. 2 at the Music Center - left to right, front row: Phineas Newborn III, Lenny Kravitz, Noah Cotsen, Christopher James Milbrath and Reginold Armstrong; left to right, second row: Damien Elwood, Mark Caldwell, Teddy Schweitzer; third row: Joey Collins (other faces indistinguishable)

CBC visits the famous Pendleton clothing factory in Pendleton, Oregon while on tour.

CBC inspects Indian ruins in the Painted Desert of Arizona.

Phineas Newborn III and Michael Hernandez revisit their earlier childhood while Darryl Archibald looks on in wonder.

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