The California Boys' Choir

Life in the California Boys' Choir

Touring companies often need Choirboys: the Joffrey Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre, and the New York City Opera in its annual Fall season at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Music Center in Los Angeles.

In concert for "La Bohème"

The Choirboys are exposed to singing in many languages, learning important cultural and historical aspects of each composition or opera studied, with particular emphasis on correct performance practices. Thorough training in vocal and staging techniques, theory, and sight-singing are the hallmarks of an average Choirboy's three-year "career" of Choir rehearsals and performances.

In costume for "Carmen"

The Choir has the good fortune to be located near the heart of the recording industry in Hollywood. This has led to recent sessions with such varied and well-known personalities as Zubin Mehta and the Los Angeles Philharmonic (Mahler's Third Symphony), Bruce Johnston ("I Write the Songs"), Alice Cooper ("My God"), and the rock group Angel ("Winter Song" from the album "White Hot"). The Choir was also featured on the 1977 album of Christmas music by the Salvation Army, conducted by Robert Wagner, which was heard around the world on radio during the holiday season.

Television beckons occasionally; the Mary Tyler Moore Special, "Mary's Incredible Dream" which was seen nationally on CBS Television in January 1976; and the Dinah Shore Show seen on Christmas Day, 1978.

"Mary's Incredible Dream"


The purposes of the California Boys' Choir are:
1. To develop and encourage responsible citizenship among the Choirboys,
2. To provide California with a resident, professional boychoir,
3. To initiate and promote music education in Souther Californai youth,
4. To perform the finest in choral repertoire, representing the widest selection of musical styles and tastes appropriate to the age of the Choirboys and their talents,
5. To provide resident and visiting opera companies and symphony orchestras with highly-trained, first-rate boy singers to meet performance demands,
6. To encourage and promote the development of other boychoirs throughout the United States, and to provide existing touring choirs with a Southern California hospitality,
7. To aid and assist other music organizations with all available resources, including joint performances, where appropriate and desirable.

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