The California Boys' Choir

Recordings and Films

Jun 1969 Album: "A Sacred Concert by the California Boys' Choir, Douglas Neslund, conducting
Dec 1971 Album: "Christmas 1971", Douglas Neslund, conducting the C.B.C.
Apr 1975 Album selection: Builders of the Adytum, produced by Gary Usher
Mar 1976 Soundtrack for film: "John Hus", Faith For Today Productions
Dec 1976 Soundtrack for film: "Spring", Pyramid Films; William Tasker, composer
Mar 1977 Soundtrack for film: "The Bluebird of Happiness", Jon Koshear, soloist, Paramount Studios
Mar 1977 Album selections: Salvation Army "The Children at Christmas", Roger Wagner, conducting
Aug 1977 Album selection: Bruce Johnston - "I Write the Songs" from "Going Public"
Sep 1977 Album selection: Angel (rock group) - "Winter Song" from "White Hot"
Nov 1977 Album selection: Alice Cooper - "My God" from "Lace and Whiskey"
Mar 1978 Soundtrack for tape: American Ballet Theatre - "Nutcracker"
Mar 1978 Album selection: Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Zubin Mehta, conducting Mahler's Third Symphony on LONDON records
June 1979 Film segment: "I Am Somebody", Robert Drucker, producer
June 1979 Album: "California Boys' Choir On Tour, Volume 1", Douglas Neslund, conducting, Audio Engineering Associates
Apr 1982 Film soundtrack:  "Brainstorm" - music by James Horner

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